Shaving may be a self-care staple, but it hasn’t always been in vogue. Women did not start shaving their body hair until 1915. The trend was due, in part, to advances in razor technology earlier in the 20th century. Today, hair removal technology has advanced even further with the rise of full body laser hair removal. Women (and men) can reduce or even eliminate unwanted hairs from underarms, legs, bikini, and virtually every part of the body. Traditional laser hair removal did not work for everyone. Yet, the latest laser technologies can work for people of all skin tones, hair colours, and hair types.

Are you considering full body laser hair removal in 2023? If so, this guide is for you. We will explain everything you need to know about this procedure, from the areas you can target to how much you can expect to pay.


What Is Laser Hair Removal?

Laser hair removal is a non-invasive procedure used to prevent the growth of body and facial hair. It utilizes a laser that damages hair follicles via light and heat. The damage causes hair to grow back either slower or not at all.

The five top laser technologies for hair removal are:

  1. The Ruby Laser System
  2. The Alexandrite Laser System
  3. The Diode Laser System
  4. The nd:yag Laser System
  5. The IPL Laser System

Ruby laser systems are the original hair removal technology. It has the most evidence supporting its effects since it has been around the longest. Yet, it may not work for people with deep skin tones, light-coloured hair, or coarse hair.

The Alexandrite system works quickly and is ideal for large patches of hair. It works for more skin tones and hair textures than the Ruby laser system. Still, it may not be best for people with very deep skin tones.

Diode lasers are one of the newer hair removal systems on the market. Research and clinical evidence are still emerging about this system. So far, it works better for coarse hair than others but still is not ideal for deeper skin.

The nd:yag system is the solution for people with deeper skin tones. It also works well for large patches of coarse hair. However, it is not ideal for fine hair, and it may take longer to see results compared to other systems.

IPL lasers offer similar benefits to the nd:yag system since they work well for deep skin and coarse hair. Unfortunately, they are somewhat less effective than nd:yag. Also, IPL lasers may cause hyperpigmentation in some people.

At Dermafina, we use Alexandrite and nd:yag laser systems. We can customize treatments based on the patient’s unique skin tone, skin type, and target area.


Full Body Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal for women is a safe and effective cosmetic treatment that reduces unwanted hair. It works well for facial hair, upper body hair, and lower body hair.

The only places where laser hair removal won’t work are around the eyes and eyelids. Otherwise, there are no limits to the face and body regions this procedure can treat.

Below, we will explain the most common areas targeted. We will also talk about the full body laser hair removal cost.


Facial Hair Laser Removal

Men are more likely to have significant facial hair than women. Yet, facial hair in women is more common than most people think. Hirsutism, a condition causing male-like hair growth patterns in women, affects 17% of women.

Even women who do not have this condition may struggle to love their facial hair. When that happens, laser hair removal is the best option.


Upper Lip Laser Hair Removal

Many women have a fine layer of hair on the outer corners of their upper lips. Common solutions to deal with this unwanted hair are waxing and shaving.

However, waxing is painful, and shaving can damage delicate upper lip skin. Laser removal is a less painful, less damaging way to remove upper lip hair. Also, it is more affordable in the long run (only $80–$90 per session).

How many treatments for laser hair removal upper lip? The number of treatments needed for laser hair removal on the upper lip depends on the person. Still, most people only need 6–8 sessions for full results.

Upper lip laser hair removal has no downtime. Plus, the procedure only takes a few minutes.


Chin Laser Hair Removal

Most women have some hair on their chin. Even if it is as fine as peach fuzz, it is not uncommon to want the hair removed. Laser hair removal is the best way to get rid of chin hairs for good.

Many women wonder: why do chin hairs happen? Chin hairs happen to some women with higher levels of androgens. This hormone can cause thick, coarse hairs to grow on and around the chin.

Other causes of coarse hair on the chin in women include conditions like PCOS and Cushing’s disease. Additionally, coarse chin hair can happen due to genetics.

How many treatments for chin hair? Most people need only 3–6 treatments for chin hair, each of which will cost about $80 or $90.


Laser Hair Removal Sideburns

Sideburns are patches of hair that grow from the top of the ear to the jawline or higher. This area of the face is extremely sensitive for most people. Waxing and chemical-based removal systems just are not gentle enough.

Laser hair removal is less painful and more cost-effective than other solutions. Most people need up to six sessions for full results. Each session costs $65–$75 for a total of $390–$450.

How much time does it take to see full results? The time it takes to see full results depends on the individual. However, after three sessions, most people begin to see a significant reduction in sideburn hair.


Laser Hair Removal Cheeks

Face shaving has become a major social media trend of late. It can be a great way to remove unwanted cheek hair while also exfoliating your skin. However, shaving the cheeks can damage the skin’s surface over time.

The only way to permanently remove cheek hair without damaging the skin is to get laser hair removal. Most people see full results in 6–8 sessions, with up to six weeks between sessions.

Removing hair on both cheeks costs from $145 to $155. Patients should consistently attend sessions to get the most out of this procedure. Skipping or delaying sessions can prolong the hair removal process.


Laser Ear Hair Removal

Hair in and around the ears is relatively normal for men. It is less common in women but may occur in those with higher levels of testosterone. Also, pregnant diabetics have a higher risk of birthing babies with hairy ears.

Ear hair has a purpose, too. Like earwax, ear hair helps prevent dirt and debris from getting into your ear canal. These objects can damage the eardrum, causing hearing disruptions.

The skin on and around the ears is sensitive and easy to nick with a razor. Plucking and waxing are safe and more effective, but these solutions are not permanent. Hair removal chemicals can work for the outer ear, but people can not use them on inner ear hair.

The only true solution to ear hair is laser removal. In only 4–8 sessions, patients will never have to deal with ear hair again.

Each session costs $45–$55 for a lifetime cost of $180–$440.


Laser Hair Removal Eyebrows

Thin brows are back in style for 2023. Women may be tempted to take out their tweezers to get the look. Yet, laser hair removal is the only way to permanently turn bushy brows into pencil-thin ones.

Even for those who do not follow eyebrow trends, there are always those pesky stray hairs and unibrows to worry about. Lasering can shape and sculpt the brows precisely and according to the patient’s unique goals.

Most people only need up to six sessions for full results. Expect to pay $80–$90 per laser eyebrow hair removal procedure.


Jawline Laser Hair Removal

The jawline stretches from ear to ear. It is the skin covering the jawbone. When women have hair growing on their jawline, hormonal imbalances are often to blame.

Luckily, laser hair removal can help. People who do not have hormonal imbalances can see full results in as few as six sessions, costing around $69 each. People with hormonal imbalances may need more than 12 sessions.


Upper Body Laser Hair Removal

The hair that grows on the body is much different from that of the face, especially for women. Vellus hair (AKA peach fuzz) grows on the face, while terminal hair grows on the body.

Terminal hair is slightly more difficult and time-consuming to remove with a laser. As you will see next, that drives up the cost of lasering for body areas. Still, the lifetime cost of lasering is less than alternatives.


Laser Hair Removal Neck

Hair on the front and back of the neck can be difficult to deal with. Facial and neck skin are some of the body’s most delicate areas. Neck skin, in particular, is extremely thin.

Additionally, neck skin is more prone to wrinkles and sagging since it is so thin. These factors can make shaving the neck even more challenging.

Laser hair removal is the best solution for preserving delicate neck skin. Professionals can apply laser treatment to the front of the neck. Back-of-the-neck treatments are beneficial for people with short haircuts.

As with most laser hair removal treatments, neck hair removal takes at least six sessions. Most people see full results in 12 sessions or fewer. Each session costs from $115 to $125.


Shoulder Laser Hair Removal

It may seem strange for hair to grow on shoulders, but it is normal and common. Experts suggest shoulder hair is leftover from pre-historic human ancestors. It mostly happens to men, but some women have shoulder hair, too.

Getting laser hair removal on both shoulders can take 6–15 sessions. The exact number of sessions someone needs depends on the hair amount, texture, skin tone, and shoulder size.

The cost of shoulder laser hair removal ranges from $125–$135. The exact cost will depend on the amount of hair and the size of the patient’s shoulders.


Laser Hair Removal on Back

Having a hairy back may seem like a male thing. Yet, women can get hair on their backs, from peach fuzz to thicker, coarser hair.

Traditionally, back hair has been one of the most difficult areas to self-treat. Most people can not shave their backs themselves. Professional waxing can help, but the cost adds up over time.

Laser hair removal treatment is the most effective and affordable way to deal with back hair. Many people see results in as few as four sessions.

The cost depends on whether the patient wants half ($150–$160) or full ($330–$340) back hair removal.


Laser Hair Removal Chest

Laser chest hair removal targets the area from the collarbone to the bottom of the pectoral muscle (in men) or breast. In women, dealing with chest hair can be challenging due to sensitivity.

Women and men never have to deal with chest hair again after lasering. Most women only need 6–8 treatments. Each session lasts 20 minutes and costs $140–$150.


Abdomen Laser Hair Removal

Abdominal hair grows from the chest to the pubic area. Many people call it a happy trail when the hair grows from the bottom of the belly button to the pubic area. Yet, hair can also grow in patches or all over the stomach.

Shaving and waxing stomach hair can cause it to grow back darker and coarser. The coarser the hair gets, the more difficult it is to eliminate.

Many people choose laser stomach hair removal instead. This safe and effective alternative can eliminate up to 95% of abdominal hair.

Most patients only need six to nine sessions to achieve their desired results. Each session costs $200–$215. The more coarse the hair, the more sessions are needed and the higher the total pricetag.


Laser Hair Removal Arms

Arm shaving is a popular practice among swimmers. These athletes want to remove any source of resistance to water, arm and leg hair is one of them.

Some non-athletes have also taken up this practice. Yet, most people who shave their arms will tell you that the hair grows back coarser and darker. After shaving regularly, it will not return to its former state.

The good news is that laser arm hair removal can help. It is the best solution for people who want smoother arms, and it may be the only solution for people who shave their arms and want to get rid of coarse, dark hair.

Most people only need 6–12 treatments to reduce or eliminate hair on the arms permanently. To deal with forearm hair, it costs $140–$150 per session per arm. Removing hair from one full arm costs more at $210–$220 per session.


Armpit Laser Hair Removal

Embracing armpit hair is becoming more common today in Canada and beyond. Yet, many people are still uncomfortable with their armpit hair.

For those who are not ready to embrace their pit hair, underarm laser hair removal is an excellent option. Lasering is much less painful than waxing and reduces irritation from razor blades.

Removing hair from one armpit only costs $85–$95. In as few as six underarm laser hair removal treatments, women and men can reduce or eliminate underarm hair for good.


Lower Extremity Laser Hair Removal

The bikini area and legs are among the most popular treatment areas for laser hair removal. Here is everything you need to know about each of these treatments.


Laser Hair Removal Bikini Area

A recent study found that 63% of Canadian women and 56% of Canadian men shave their pubic region. Exactly how these individuals prefer to shave their pubic areas differs, with some preferring a landing strip and others a Brazilian.

No matter how a woman prefers her bikini area grooming, laser hair removal for the vagina and surrounding areas can replace the need for painful waxing and time-consuming razors.

When it comes to laser hair removal for the bikini area, women have two options:

  1. Bikini hair removal
  2. Brazilian laser hair removal

Bikini laser hair removal targets hair on the sides and top of the pubic area. The goal is to reduce or eliminate hair that might show when wearing a bikini. This procedure costs $95–$105 per session.

What is Brazilian laser hair removal? Brazilian laser hair removal eliminates all pubic hair, leaving the bikini and inner buttocks regions bare. A full Brazilian costs at least $145 to more than $155 per session.


Laser Hair Removal Legs

Many women shave their legs every single day. Not only does it take a lot of time, but the money spent on razors and other hair removal products can really start to add up.

Of all the areas lasering works for, women can probably benefit the most from leg hair removal. Women can permanently eliminate hair on their calves, thighs, and ankles in as few as six sessions.

The cost is worth it, too. Laser leg hair removal for one full leg (from the top of the thigh to the ankle) costs $150–$200. Getting lasering on half of a leg (e.g., on a calf or thigh) costs even less.

Many providers also offer quarter-leg hair removal. Patients can eliminate hair on a smaller leg area, such as the knee or the ankle.


Are You Searching for ‘Laser Hair Removal Near Me?’

Full body laser hair removal treatments are safe and effective ways to reduce or eliminate body hair permanently. This treatment is safer and more painless for some areas than others.

Do you have questions or concerns about laser hair removal? Please give us a call before scheduling your appointment. Contact Dermafina to learn more about this treatment, or schedule your first laser hair removal session today!



At Dermafina, we get a lot of questions about full body laser hair removal. That’s why we compiled these laser hair removal FAQs.

Keep reading to find answers to the web’s most searched full body laser hair removal questions.


How Many Sessions of Laser Hair Removal for Brazilian?

Most people need 6–12 sessions of laser hair removal for a full Brazilian. People with extremely coarse or dark hair may require more than 12 sessions. Patients must wait at least six weeks between sessions for best results.


How Many Laser Hair Removal Sessions Do You Need?

You need at least 6 laser hair removal sessions, regardless of the area. Why multiple treatments? Hair growth features three phases (growing, resting, and regressing), and laser hair removal only works on hair in the growing phase.

Different hair follicles enter the growth phase at various times. So, professionals need multiple treatment sessions to target all hair follicles and their different growing phases.

Additionally, some dermatologists recommend maintenance treatments at least twice per year. The full number of sessions and maintenance treatments needed depends on skin type, hair colour, and the area treated.


Can You Do Laser Hair Removal When Pregnant?

No, you should not get laser hair removal when pregnant. We do not have enough research about laser hair removal to prescribe it to pregnant people safely.

Wait to schedule your appointment until after you have given birth to be safe.


Can Laser Hair Removal Cause Cancer?

No, there is no evidence that laser hair removal causes cancer. The lasers used in hair removal systems do not emit cancer-causing UV light or any forms of cancer-causing radiation.


How to Prepare for Laser Hair Removal?

You can prepare for laser hair removal by following these guidelines:

  1. Do not pluck or wav at least six weeks prior to treatment
  2. Shave the target area 24–48 hours before treatment
  3. Avoid UV exposure for at least two weeks before treatment
  4. Stop bleaching the target area starting at least six weeks before treatment
  5. Remove makeup directly before the treatment

Following these guidelines will ensure people get the most out of their treatments. It may also lessen the number of treatment sessions needed.


Does At-Home Laser Hair Removal Work?

Yes, at-home laser hair removal does work to eliminate face and body hair temporarily, but it is not permanent. Laser hair removal is the only way to reduce or eliminate facial and body hair permanently.


Is Laser Hair Removal Painful?

The laser hair removal procedure can be painful depending on the type of laser used. If you are concerned about discomfort during your procedure, talk to a dermatologist about your concerns.

Together, you can come up with the best treatment option for you.


Is Laser Hair Removal Safe?

Yes, according to Health Canada, laser hair removal is completely safe. Dermatologists in the US and Europe have been using this technology since the 1990s.


How Long Does Laser Hair Removal Last?

Laser hair removal lasts forever. Once the follicle is damaged, the hair will never grow back.


Is Laser Hair Removal Permanent?

Yes, laser hair removal is permanent. It can permanently remove 95% or more of the hair in the target area.


Do Strawberry Legs Go Away With Laser?

Yes, strawberry legs will go away with laser hair removal treatment. The treatment will also eliminate strawberries found anywhere else on the body.