TO BMI <30

Unlike other body shaping procedures, this therapy is not limited to a BMI 30. 


A full flank to flank body treatment- leaving no unevenness or lines of demarcation.


Non-invasive and no downtime- so you can carry on with everyday life after a treatment session.


Due to the industries largest spot size, more fat can be removed from a patient at a lower cost


Who is a good candidate for the Vanquish ME treatment?

VANQUISH ME treatments are designed for those who want to decrease the circumference of their abdomen and thighs – regardless of their BMI. VANQUISH ME is an option for those who desire aesthetic improvement without the cost and recovery time of surgery.

How fast will I see result?

Some patients notice immediate results following their first treatment, while for others the results become fully apparent after four to six treatment sessions.

Even when improvements are noticeable after a single treatment, at least four weekly treatments are recommended to really experience significant results. Each session lasts thirty to forty-five minutes on average. Drinking ample amounts of water prior to and following the procedure is recommended and helps promote the best results.

Are there any potential risks or side effects and is it painful?

One of the most appealing features of the Vanquish treatment is that it has little to no adverse side effects. No anesthesia is required prior to treatment, and there is no downtime. The technology has built-in safety measures that help to ensure patient comfort during the treatment and protect the body as the fat cells are targeted. Studies have shown that sweat glands, skin, hair follicles, muscles and internal organs are not affected by Vanquish.

Patients report very little pain while the treatment is being administered, with most describing it as a gentle warming sensation, similar to a heating pad.

Following treatment, some individuals experience temporary redness or mild swelling, but this usually subsides relatively quickly. Patients can return to their everyday activities immediately.

What areas can be treated with Vanquish ME?

Vanquish was originally designed to target the core — the treatment panel fits over the abdomen and flanks to address belly fat and love handles. However,  it’s possible to treat additional zones of excess fat on the body, including: Back, Inner thighs, Outer thighs and Posterior waistline (‘muffin top’).

What sets Vanquish ME apart?

VANQUISH ME is the only contactless body shaping device on the market. Its large treatment area makes the therapy typically more affordable, with more fat removed compared to other procedures. Contrary to other devices, it is available to patients with any BMI. The  technology is based on the elevation of fat temperature. Doctors generally recommend Vanquish for the treatment of larger surface areas, particularly where the goal is circumferential reduction of the abdomen.

How long will the results last?

The treatment causes fat cell disruption. These cells will not regenerate and are gone for good, unless you experience a dramatic lifestyle change.

Why Dermafina

We offer the very best in skill, expertise and service offering aesthetic injectables and other treatments that target the impacts of lifestyle choices, ageing, acne and a wide range of other factors that hold many back from achieving beautiful, clear and healthy skin. Our treatments are not a quick fix solution – we focus on solutions and treatment plans to provide long-term results.

Dermafina is a leader in anti-aging and aesthetic treatments, combining innovative technologies with a customized approach for outstanding and natural results.

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