Botox and Dysport are injectables which are used to smooth wrinkles that form as a result of facial movements like frowning, squinting, smiling and other expressions we tend to make.  Its most basic action is to relax the muscles causing temporary weakness.  Wrinkles and lines become smoother or disappear altogether.  As a result, your expression softens and the dynamic wrinkles are greatly reduced and leaves you looking well-rested.

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Where are Botox/Dysport injections most often administered?

Botox/Dysport injections are used for so many areas ( frown lines between eyebrows, forehead, lips contour lines, neck lines, diagonal wrinkles on sides of the nose, neck lines, chin wrinkles, crow’s feet,  jaw slimming and facial contouring and facial asymmetry correction). However, if you have another area of concern, you may discuss this with Dr. Krasny.

Will it show that I had a Botox/Dysport treatment?

Keeping it subtle: many people come to Dr.Krasny and are worried they will look overdone and frozen, or concerned their partner will notice if they have treatment. Dr.Krasny personally thinks it is all about subtle results, and all of our patients have the option to come back and see me two weeks after their injections to make any small adjustments. It is far easier to add more in two weeks; you can’t take it out once it’s in!

Is the treatment painful?

The injections themselves are done with fine needles and are not usually painful. They can cause some minor discomfort at worst, but nearly everyone tolerates Botox/Dysport well without any problems. It is, however, still a medical procedure and a proper consultation should take place first including a thorough medical history.

Is Botox/Dysport suitable for everyone?

Almost everyone is suitable for Botox, but you need to take some precautions. Any pregnant or breast-feeding women should not go for a Botox treatment.  Do not go for Botox if you had a muscle weakness disorder.

Please discuss your medical conditions with Dr.Krasny prior to starting a Botox/Dysport treatment.

How Long does it Last?

Botox/Dysport injections do not work immediately, and initial effects can be noted between 3-7 days after treatment. Maximal effects are reached at about ten days and effects last on average three to four months. The treatments need to be repeated regularly to maintain their effect.

What happens if I stop getting treatments?

Neuromodulators aren’t permanent. Once that muscle regains activity, any lines that were originally there will start to come back. While the skin will revert to baseline, there’s a misconception that the lines will be worse than they were when you started.

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